What is a CSP?

A cloud service provider (CSP) is an organization that offers remote, cloud-based services to its customers and their staff. Cloud computing usually refers to Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), Software as a Service (SaaS), or Platform as a Service (PaaS). In an IaaS model, AVETTA Global will host hardware, software, servers, storage, etc., and handle a myriad of other tasks such as system maintenance, backup/recovery, and disaster planning on behalf of our clients. The dynamic nature of IaaS environments presents an on-demand asset which is well-suited for both temporary and long-term projects, and much more cost-efficient than deploying in-house hardware/software, with an increased capacity due to virtualization. Similarly, Paas and SaaS offer a streamlined and cost-saving approach to accessibility, while eliminating the need for hardware and software purchases and maintenance expenses. AVETTA Global provides installation, support, licensing, provisioning, etc. to its clients as an entire package, rather than a pay per-account model. This is highly beneficial to our clients, as we can secure the services our customers need and simultaneously provide them with the expert guidance necessary to make the most of it.

The Benefits

As the fastest-growing commodity in IT, the use of cloud in your business is almost a must. While the extreme money and time-saving benefits nearly always top the list of reasons why companies transition to the cloud, the following are other factors that make cloud computing, and the use of a CSP, beneficial in your neck of the woods:

Fresh Software. With SaaS, your applications will never be running several versions behind – your business will always have the latest versions of its favored applications as soon as they are released. Immediate upgrades generate a more productive workforce. End of story.
Waste not, Want not. Cloud computing is known for lower costs and increased flexibility – in this environment, your business pays for the server and infrastructure capacity it needs and no more. Gone are the days of buying enough capacity for your peak usage – gone is the guess work.
Availability. AVETTA Global boasts extreme reliability in our cloud services – when you need them, they will be there.
Mobility. Access your applications and data from anywhere with the help of AVETTA Global.
Virtualization. AVETTA Global’s cloud support gives your business on-demand remote control and collaboration.
Seamless Mergers & Acquisitions. Traditional computing can require several years to migrate. With AVETTA Global’s CSP support, migration is done seamlessly and in a fraction of the time.
Going Green. In addition to efficiency, cloud computing also equals fewer data centers – which means less impact on the environment. As the name would suggest, AVETTA Global truly appreciates the opportunity to support a positive impact on our Earth.
Security. At AVETTA Global, we take security seriously. We constantly monitor known cloud-associated risks and work tirelessly to address all security issues that are identified by the Cloud Security Alliance, as well as government tips, and our own intuitive concerns.

How it Works

As with most CSP coverage, AVETTA Global works on a subscription-based model. Clients pay either monthly or annual fees for agreed-on services which are precisely detailed in a service-level agreement (SLA) at the beginning of our client-technologist relationship. The SLA will stipulate crucial factors like performance benchmarks, compliance, roles and responsibilities of each party, availability, etc. Our clients know what to expect at the beginning of our business relationship, and we can each feel comfortable with a level of accountability we determine together.

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