What is IT Consulting?

IT Consulting is provided by an organization that fulfills a wide array of IT services on behalf of its clients. These services can range from application development to project management. An IT consultant is essentially a computer and technology guru. They are the go-to experts for all your businesses’ technology-related requirements, with basically no job too big/small for a consultant to handle or advise on. At AVETTA Global, we hire people who are extremely well-versed in all things technology, making each member of our team a resident expert. We see this as a valuable resource that we get to extend to our clients.

The Benefits

IT consulting has directly measurable benefits because the results are often tangible. End products can range from a brand-new app or app prototype to a smoothly running forensics team/security training documents for your users / an IoT-enabled kitchen space, etc. AVETTA Global suggests the following as extremely important skills to look for in a consultant, in order to reap the most benefit for your business:

Expert Guidance. IT consultants should have a wide-array of skills and experience. AVETTA Global leadership fully vets our employees to ensure they bring a unique strength with them to the company, so that we can offer our clients the very best. Our experts even come equipped with legal and government experience.
Proper Record Keeping. Documentation is extremely important in the IT world. At AVETTA Global, we perform our work with the customer in mind at all times – this means thorough record keeping in case of an emergency or a hand-off of IT consultation roles.
Collaboration. An IT consultant should “consult” and leave the decision making in the hands of company owners. AVETTA Global’s staff works in tandem with our clients, acting either as a patient tutor or a full Agile master – whichever our clients prefer.
Research. For those rare occasions when our experts aren’t savvy on a best-practice solution, AVETTA Global staff members have no trouble reaching out to the right resources for answers.
Speed. By the time your business has a problem or concern, the issue is likely one that should have been fixed yesterday. AVETTA Global staff members work diligently to finish projects as quickly and concisely as possible. Where there is a deadline, we aim to beat it.

How it Works

IT consulting covers many distinct aspects of computing and technology. As such, project pricing and scalability will need to be determined respective to the work involved. As with most consulting industries, the price tag on a project will be related to the hours and depths of services performed. However, AVETTA Global strives to maintain low costs for our clients, in conjunction with our cost-efficiency approach. Pricing models will be discussed in precise detail during initial consultations and discussions. Specifics are laid out in a service-level agreement (SLA) at the beginning of our client-technologist relationship. The SLA will stipulate crucial factors like performance benchmarks, roles, and responsibilities of each party, availability, etc. Our clients know what to expect at the beginning of our business relationship, and we can each feel comfortable with a level of accountability we determine together.

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