What is an MSP?

A managed service provider (MSP) is an organization that remotely manages a client company’s IT infrastructure and users’ systems, and offers a streamlined approach to a wide-range of business services. AVETTA Global’s MSP professionals act as a one-stop-shop for network administration, security consultation, and disaster recovery, but also provide such business services as payroll management, human resources, systems operations, compliance, and network monitoring. An MSP handles tasks clients are ill-equipped to handle, or those that would not be cost-effective to handle in-house. MSP is a non-restrictive asset, meaning it is a lucrative tool for any industry to leverage – from healthcare to retail. The most popular services offered by an MSP firm are back-up and disaster recovery, remote monitoring and management, and network security. Other popular uses include mobile device management, payment processing, video surveillance, information services, B2B integration, and supply chain management.

The Benefits

Leveraging an MSP in your business relinquishes your need to control time-consuming and repetitive tasks, giving you more time to focus on other business-related commitments. However, the number one thing saved by using an MSP is money. Studies show that clients who use MSPs have reduced IT costs by up to 25 percent. One of the main goals of AVETTA Global is to search for ways in which your business can cut spending and improve cost efficiency. We strive to build partnerships with reputable businesses, such as cloud providers, so that we can extend our clients better rates, products, and services. By sharing our network with our clients, we build a more cost-effective community of resources.

Security is one of the most highly-sought after benefits of managed services. At AVETTA Global, we will upgrade your company’s IT services, manage your IT infrastructure and data, and ensure your systems aren’t compromised by malicious activity. As a bonus, we offer exclusive access to cyber security specialists who are aware of the latest threats and alerts issued from the federal level.

Last, but not least, MSPs have an in-depth knowledge of compliance-related issues. AVETTA Global offers federal, state, and PCI compliance, as well as intimate knowledge related to Mergers and Acquisitions.

How it Works

As with most MSPs, AVETTA Global works on a subscription-based model. Clients pay either monthly or annual fees for agreed-on services which are precisely detailed in a service-level agreement (SLA) at the beginning of our client-technologist relationship. The SLA will stipulate crucial factors like performance benchmarks, roles, and responsibilities of each party, availability, etc. Our clients know what to expect at the beginning of our business relationship, and we can each feel comfortable with a level of accountability we determine together.

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