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We serve sector-leading clients in market-leading industries, and we get to know their businesses. That’s how we’re able to use our IT expertise to solve their business problems and help them gain competitive advantages. Our commitment to clients is why we’ve enjoyed 100% client retention since AVETTA started in 2003.


We provide products, services and cost-controlling infrastructure that allow lawyers to securely collaborate with clients — and one another — anywhere in the world. We help law firms build IT environments that align with their clients’ security expectations. We enable and support backup and recovery capabilities and help firms achieve compliance around data-archiving regulations. In addition, our Mergers & Acquisitions services facilitate smooth IT integration that yields success.


Technology clients come to us because we have the engineering talent and experience to support their projects. We help companies build infrastructure to handle rapidly increasing data demands. Our offerings include consulting and transformational services to support cloud initiatives. We have expertise in virtualizing storage, desktops, applications and networks, and we can deliver the tools and secure infrastructure necessary to support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives.


By assisting insurers with infrastructure transformations, we enable them to gain business intelligence through large-scale data analysis. Our Mergers & Acquisitions services boost the success of their consolidation strategies. We help companies move toward customer-oriented operating models and onto robust platforms to support claims, policy administration and billing. We offer expertise around IT regulatory compliance for the insurance industry and support related initiatives. We build scalable, flexible platforms that enable insurers to do more with less.


Our secure, robust platforms support the increasing IT demands of education — online learning, cross-platform integration, big data and more. We support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives that give students and educators easy access to the materials they need. We provide flexible infrastructure that can support next-generation educational techniques such as game-based learning. We design and build secure infrastructure for cloud initiatives.

Financial Services

The demands of mobility and globalization have changed the IT landscape for financial services companies. Our secure, robust infrastructure enables them to nimbly adapt to these trends, as well as manage data loads that double every year. We enable companies to gain faster insights by bringing analytics to their data, rather than archiving and consolidating it in a warehouse. Our platforms are secure and flexible. We enable and support backup and recovery capabilities and help firms achieve compliance with regulations. We support data integration and management, as well as provide customer-centric applications. We design, transform and operate flexible, secure infrastructure that improves efficiency and can support next-generation technologies.


By providing IT consulting expertise and transformational services to energy companies, we help them build robust, secure technology infrastructure that supports consolidated applications and integrated operations. We help companies gain efficiency and cut costs through collaborative platforms, energy-saving IT infrastructure and cloud technologies.


Globalization and technology have transformed manufacturing, and our IT services and support help manufacturers adapt their business to the demands and opportunities. We provide robust platforms needed to support manufacturing automation, and we offer guidance on global connectivity initiatives. We help companies create virtualized infrastructure capable of supporting enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other platforms that improve supply chain visibility and increase customer satisfaction. Our Mergers & Acquisitions services smooth the process of IT integration amid consolidation.


Swift, reliable communication is the lifeblood of the media industry, and we help companies building the infrastructure needed to support it. Our platforms enable robust, cost-effective telecommunications, including mobile integration. We work with companies to construct infrastructures capable of handling everything from video streaming to big data.


Healthcare companies face extraordinary IT challenges as they move from legacy systems to robust platforms capable of meeting current and future data and regulatory demands. Our experts guide healthcare providers through this technological transformation. We work with healthcare teams to ensure they have the hardware, software and virtual desktops needed to support Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) platforms, while remaining compliant with ICD-10, HIPAA and HITECH. We help create centralized application management and storage platforms for initiatives like Picture Archiving Communications Systems (PACS). Our IT platforms, services and support enable healthcare providers to use resources more efficiently, boost productivity and manage growth.


AVETTA Global is a certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) based in Los Angeles, CA that focuses on Agile solutions, Government IT services, cyber security and software development. AVETTA’s Agile methodologies and processes are designed to increase our speed-to-capability and the security of our software and managed systems allowing us to provide responsive, low-cost, low-risk solutions for their customers. AVETTA’s experienced management team is comprised of leaders in their respective fields with certifications including Project Management Institute (PMI)-certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®) and Certified ScrumMasters.

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