We’re a CEO’s company. Founded by CEOs, we strive to provide the best possible IT solutions to companies and business leaders so they can get back to building their business. At AVETTA Global we find our work rewarding, important and fun (yes, IT can be fun)! We help companies ranging from Fortune 500s to small startups achieve success through the implementation of customized technology solutions. We care about our clients. This is why before we do anything we meet face-to-face with the CEO, IT leaders and staff to fully understand what their pain points are and how we can best maximize profitability and productivity.

Meet the AVETTA Global Team:

Lloyd Marino


Lloyd Marino is equally conversant in the languages of business and technology. Senior executives on both the management and tech sides of today’s completely data-dependent marketplace regularly call on him to solve complex data-driven problems. Data is king. But the king requires a counselor. Lloyd is the consigliere to the king. He brings to the table a quarter century of experience working in senior management roles, including service as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer for various organizations ranging from emerging growth startups to Fortune 500 companies. This is why Lloyd’s nickname is the “Tech Whisperer.” Check out his projects and more at his website: http://lloydmarino.com/.

Melissa Fox


Melissa has experience in litigation at the state and federal level, and assisting in complex civil cases and multi-district litigation. She understands the complexities of today’s business environment and realizes the import role technology can play in any business. “Technology is too important to leave in the hands of just anyone. That why we are so passionate about making sure our clients succeed,” exclaims Melissa.

Larry Mondragon


Larry hails from Los Angeles, CA where he attended Occidental College and graduated with a degree in Psychology. He then traveled east to obtain a graduate degree from Harvard University. Throughout his studies and professional experience, he realized the need for companies to have an awesome IT service, so naturally he brought his skills to AVETTA Global.

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