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When your profit and reputation among clients are at stake, having a trusted source of information backed by experience is invaluable. At AVETTA Global, every member of our team is extremely well-versed in the functional use of IT.


These services can range from application development to project management. An IT consultant is essentially a computer and technology guru and the go-to experts for all your businesses’ technology-related needs. There is no job too big or small for our consultants to handle or advise on. At We see this as a valuable resource that we get to extend to our clients.

The Benefits

IT consulting has directly measurable benefits, because the end products are often tangible. End products can range from new apps to an IoT-connected office space. Here’s how AVETTA Global offers clients the best possible IT consultants:

Expert Guidance: We fully vet our employees to ensure they bring a unique strength with them to the company, so that we can offer our clients the very best. Our experts also have legal and government experience.
Collaboration: IT Consultants should do just that – consult! We work in tandem with company owners to offer the best possible guidance so clients can make the best possible decisions.
Speed: We work to prevent problems before they even occur, but should one arise it will be resolved before the issue grows larger.
Record Keeping: Documentation is extremely important. We keep extensive records of all projects, tasks and more in the event of an emergency or if a hand-off is needed.
Research: We’d like to think that we know everything, but in the event we don’t we have the tools and resources necessary to find the proper solutions.

How it Works

IT consulting covers every unique aspect of computing and technology. This is why we develop a plan that is customized with the client’s needs in mind and offer consulting services based on this. Let our consultants worry about your company’s IT so you don’t have to.


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