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At AVETTA Global, we solve your company’s technical business problems so there’s one less thing for executives and leaders to worry about – it’s what is important to us, it’s what motivates us, and it’s where we thrive!

We’re an MSP (Managed Service Provider) and a CSP (Cloud Service Provider) servicing Los Angeles CA and surrounding areas that develops and implements technical solutions for your business with care and ease. We design custom systems and solutions that help your company’s technical infrastructure run smoothly and more efficiently, allowing your company to reach it’s “peak” potential and profitability.

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Who We Are, Why You’ll Care

AVETTA Global is recognized as a premier provider of managed and cloud IT services, based in Los Angeles CA with a global footprint. Successful companies hire AVETTA Global for assistance with boosting their current technology assets, ad-hoc project consultation and management, application and software development, dedicated remote support, and to seek expert technical advice. After carefully working with hundreds of companies in all stages of growth, from start-up through Fortune 500, we have pruned our process and concepts to leverage the most lucrative approach to each business. AVETTA Global boasts innovative solutions created exclusively for each customer’s individual scenario. We intimately understand that technology is not a one-size-fits-all tool, and strive to provide the whole tool-box for our customers.

As a technology architecture firm, AVETTA Global has perfected the art of strategic maintenance. We prioritize arming company owners, CEOs, and staff members with the in-depth computing skills necessary to execute their roles, and the knowledge they need to feel comfortable using it. By applying our expertise in the areas of technology, cloud computing, and IT management and solutions (like SaaS), we create well-informed clients who evolve into leading-edge technologists themselves in many ways. AVETTA Global is favored for cloud computing due to our highly-skilled support staff and connections with reputable businesses. Small to medium businesses praise AVETTA Global for uninterrupted network coverage and brilliant, cost-effective solutions. Companies of all sizes have sought out the experience and professionalism offered by AVETTA Global for infrastructure, network, and desktop support – so that they can focus on their own areas of expertise and the growth of their business.

“Lloyd has been an absolute pleasure to work with because he is always available, honest and open when it comes to what needs to be done.

Nicole Rodrigues, CEO/Founder of NRPR Group

How it Works

Initial consultations with our customers are extremely important. It is during this time that we assess our prospective clients’ needs and step into the company’s vision. By gaining an in-depth understanding of our prospective clients’ goals, and sharing our insight and experiences, we can jointly determine our ability to work together as a client-technologist team. If we aren’t the right fit for your project, we will let you know and suggest alternatives. Once we take on a new client, our first step is to evaluate their current solutions in comparison to their projected goals. From there, we build a seamless, client-specific approach. We identify areas where our clients can increase profitability by adopting budget-friendly solutions, as well as areas where the client may be spending unnecessarily on technology. This way, we arm our clients with the knowledge they need to make well-informed decisions that often result in immediate benefits to their profit and loss margins.



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AVETTA Global is proud to have partnered with Fortune 500 Companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Cisco to keep our clients’ systems running smoothly and successfully.

Let us show you what it means to safe-guard your technology, your investment, and your business. Throw your toughest questions at our IT team today and experience the expertise of AVETTA Global’s support staff first-hand.

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