IT, or information technology, seems like one of those concepts that only benefit computer users in Los Angeles, CA. The truth, however, is just about any business or industry that deals in data can reap huge benefits from the proper application of IT, such as using managed services, a concerted effort to bring data-intensive organization and digital access to the way a business handles its information.

This has already proven to be enormously helpful in Los Angeles, CA businesses like marketing, banking, and even health care. But there’s one area where you might be surprised at the difference that managed services can make that’s attorneys managing their practice. There are actually a few important ways that managed services can enhance efficiency at a law firm.

Confidentiality Is Encrypted

Client-attorney privilege is sacred in legal practice, and so is the confidential information that is often crucial to a court case, such as bank account numbers, social security numbers, home addresses, and other private, but vital information.

Managed services ensure that data on a network is secure and that even communications can’t be intercepted by unscrupulous third parties. If the service is required, it’s even possible for attorneys to use encrypted email communications so that only an authorized recipient can read the data included, while to everyone else it is indecipherable.

Work Safely On The Go

A good attorney doesn’t just stay behind a desk in the office, but gets around a lot, whether it is consulting with expert witnesses, or investigating evidence for the discovery phase of a trial. In the past, this meant that important paperwork could only be done once an attorney returned to the office.

Today, however, laptops, tablets, and even phones can be securely, remotely connected to the office network so that any documents that are required, verifications that need to be filled, or data that needs to be retrieved can be done so safely. This often means that there’s no more delays or reliance on physical documents since the electronic files can be retrieved and even printed out wherever the attorney goes.

Software For Lawyers

In the same way that there are a plethora of apps that let people do everything from count calories to play games, attorneys aren’t left out in the cold. There’s a vast range of productivity software and even apps that are geared to make a lawyer’s life a little bit more convenient.

For example, while it’s convenient to consult Wikipedia online for general information, there are apps available that preserve specific, legal libraries. That’s not necessarily the kind of information that’s easily available on Wikipedia, especially if relates to specific state or municipal law. Other types of software make it easier to keep track of important ancillary legal activities, such as filling out expense reports for business meals. Law firms in Los Angeles, CA do a lot of important work. However, that work can be faster, more efficient and more convenient by finding smart ways to integrate managed services into a profession that already puts a heavy emphasis on having the right documentation at the right time.

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