The nature of business databases is undergoing a change.  It used to be that companies (big companies in particular) needed massive server computers on location to store all their important and sensitive information.  Emails, customer records, internal study results, research and development, all of that digital data needed local storage and it was up to the database administrator (DBA) to keep track of everything and make sure the servers ran smoothly.

However, the cloud era has come at last to corporations.  Cloud storage companies offer remote storage solutions to individuals and businesses alike, and these days they come with enough storage space, autonomous systems, and security to convince many companies to save money by switching over to a cloud database system.  So what happens to the DBAs when their old jobs are gone?  As it turns out, their skills can still come in handy if they’re willing to adapt to the new situation.

The Data Is More Important Than The Hardware

A DBA’s job covers a lot more than just computer maintenance and repair.  Thus, while that part of the job may be disappearing, a DBA can count on their other job aspects coming more into focus.  After all, with the Information Age in full swing companies are gathering and processing more data points than ever before, and for most people the raw facts and figures are overwhelming.  DBAs have experience with processing databases and gathering the right information, and it’s becoming more important than ever to have experts on hand who can do this.

Database Security Management Is Still Important

Any computer expert who handles secure information can tell you that the weakest link of any security system is the human element.  Thus, while cloud systems can offer advanced security gating and encryption, companies still need someone on hand who can manage the information security on their end and make sure that only the right people can access the right databases in the right way.  This part of the DBA’s job won’t change moving forward, although the software and the means of access will.

Get To Know The New Systems

No matter what kind of IT job you have, understanding how the latest software and hardware works is essential to getting a good job or a good promotion.  Even professions like publishing and accounting need employees who understand how to use the company’s software.  DBAs are no different, and so learning how to use cloud storage and computing systems is important for any DBA who wants to keep working in the field.  This means understanding how cloud companies store information, how the security and access systems work, and how new automated software gathers data and simplifies tasks.

The role of the database administrator isn’t going away, but it is changing as servers move off-site and enter the cloud.  In fact, an expert DBA is more useful than ever since companies will need someone who can oversee this transition and help them make the most of the new cloud.  A company might be tempted to eliminate their DBA, but they’ll quickly realize they need someone with the same skillset to manage their new system.

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