Managed IT services are becoming more and more popular with small to medium sized businesses. One of the reasons for this popularity is that managed IT services help organizations stay on top of the latest changes in the business world. You might have noticed that the office of today looks completely different to the office of twenty years ago with the landscape continuing to evolve rapidly.

Trying to keep up with all these changes and incorporate them into your business can be next to impossible for many companies, which is where IT managed services step into the breach. Let’s take a look at three of these technological changes and how engaging managed IT services can give your business a competitive edge.

Remote workers: More and more businesses are embracing flexible working hours and remote working, both of which lead to an improvement in their employee’s work/life balance. The major hurdle for many employers however, is setting up an IT and communications system that can cope with remote workers. The solution is to engage a managed IT services company who can design a system that makes collaborative working and real-time editing of shared documents between remote workers and in-house employees a breeze.

Blockchain: This brand-new technology is used by many businesses, such as real estate agents, electricity providers and banks. Essentially, Blockchain is a vast spreadsheet that operates across millions of computers around the world and using state of the art cryptography enables the movement of digital records at lightning speeds. If you believe that your business could benefit from this type of technology, contact us today and we can discuss your options.

Big data: Another technological innovation, big data enables companies to analyze massive amounts of data to identify hidden patterns or correlations that can be used to inform their business operations. Mainly used by large banking corporations or huge multi-nationals for fraud detection and customer analytics, big data is starting to have a significant impact in how organizations deal with their data.

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